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Shogun Jizo Hall

Shogun Jizo Hall 

     Shogun (victorious general) Jizo Hall remained intact at the site of the Shingon sect Saikoji Temple when the temple was closed in 1868. The hall enshrines the spirit of the guardian deity of warriors, the victorious general. Koyanagi family purchased the site and has maintained the hall from generation to generation.

     According to theridge tag, the hall was constructed in 1785. The crested middle portion of the roof is adorned with ornamental orbs and the roof itself is constructed in a polygonal, or hipped-roof style with four sides. The hall enshrines a seated 130-centimeter bronze figure of the Jizo Bosatsu (the victorious general). Saikoji Temple was charged with managing the Shogun Jizo, the figure of which is the primary icon of the Atago Shrine located in Shirakawa’s Shinkura district. It is interesting to note that the Atago district takes its name from Atago Shrine.

Designated on March 12th, 2012.


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