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About Historical Attraction Formations

The designation system of historical attraction formations protects the historical buildings and conveys them to future generations.
In Shirakawa City, as a result of an investigation that was carried out in 2010, 254 historic buildings were confirmed.

In order to protect and pass down the structures that are particularly important componentswhich form the history of Shirakawa, the historicalattraction formation was designated from 2011 onwards.


There are signs explaining origins and such on designated buildings.

Specified Policies

  1. Registered tangible cultural property based on the Cultural Property Protection Act
  2. Prefecture designated tangible cultural property based on the Fukushima Cultural Property Protection Regulations
  3. City designated tangible cultural property based on the Shirakawa CityCultural Property Protection Regulations
  4. Structures with significant landscapes and public facilities with significant landscapes Based on the Landscape Act
  5. Other things which are necessary and important to maintain and improve historical attractions

Specified Criteria

  1. Structures that form historical attractions
  2. Structures with excellent designs and skills
  3. Structures which are highly valued from a historical, rarity and locality point of view
  4. Structures which have features of landscapes
  5. Civil engineering structures of high value