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Historical Scenes of Outings at the Nanko Park

Nanko Park was completed by the Shirakawa feudallord Matsudaira Sadanobu, who undertook the "Kansei Reforms" as an official of the Edo Shogunate.It was completed in 1801 by the civil engineering work of creating an embankment and dredging the swamp, and it is considered to be the forerunner of parks in Japan.Out of the five gardens created by Sadanobu, it is the only still in existence. While the Daimyo Garden at the time was built in the castle or in a separate residence, the Nanko Park waswithoutwallsor fences, and was built for the lord and the warrior class as well as the civilians to enjoy. According to the record of Sadanobu’s vassals, it is written "At all seasons of the year, civilians come and go for entertainment".Through this, we can know that Sadanobudeveloped the NankoLake and its surroundings for the sake of all the citizens, and the purpose ofestablishingNanko Park was so they could have a place to enjoy throughout all four seasons.

Even now, Nanko Park is loved by many citizens as a stage for various events such as spring cherry blossoms, autumn leaves, and boating. These appearances of outings in the Nanko Park, which are the same as 200 years ago, formexcellent historical scenes.

The Four Seasons of Nanko

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