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Ueno Katanoya

02Ueno Katanoya 

Ueno Katanoya is said to have been built in the Horeki era (1751-64) and is a long-established shop with approximately 260 years of tradition. Founded by Kichibe Katano, the current owner is the 9th generation of the Katano family to inherit and manage this shop. When the shop first opened, it sold yarn and thread for weaving and afterwards branched out into selling used clothing, bolts of cloth and kimono as it does to this day.

The two storehouses of Ueno Katanoyastand next to each other and face the street providing examples of the Japanese architectural style known askiritsuma(front entrance) and hirairi (side entrance) styles. Such styles of architecturerepresent the scenery of Shirakawa. The lower portion of the warehouse exhibits the namakowall style (a wall with a white grid pattern on black slate)and the upper portion also uses the traditional bamboo-lattice work upon which shikkui (lime plaster) is applied to create a massive and strong building structure. The warehouse to the east is said to have been constructed in the Bunkaera (1804-18).

Designated as a Historically Scenic Landmark by Shirakawa City on July 21st, 2011

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