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Shirakawa Haristos Orthodox Church

Shirakawa Haristos Orthodox Church 

Important Cultural Property of Fukushima Prefecture (Architectural)

This Greek Orthodox Church is said to have been started in 1878 and the first chapel was constructed in 1882. The chapel still remainsin one corner of the site. The construction began in 1914 and was completed the following year in 1915.  This wooden single-story chapel with a partial second story (belfry) has the width of 8.17meters, length of 14.44meters and the total area of 101 square meters. The church was designed by Izo Kawamura, the subdeacon of Nicholai-do, built by Shintaro Nakamura, a local master carpenter and funded of  a half of the total construction fee from the reserve fund and Russia. The floor plan is centered around the sanctuary and at the front of the church,there is anarthex and anentrance lobby. The second floor is the belfry. In the back, a holy of holies is located and this whole church is in the shape of a cross. Copper is used for roofing material and a white board fence surrounds the church. The structure has an atmosphere of the Byzantine.

Designated as a Historically Scenic Landmark by Shirakawa City on November 11th, 2011.

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