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Sakurai Gofukuten

Sakurai Gofukuten 

In 1919, a fire broke out in the rail station facilities of Shirakawa and the old Sasaya Oils Shop caught fire. Sosuke Sakurai and his wife Sei created a branch family of the Sanoya family of the Tenjinmachi district and the couple founded their kimonobusiness on the ruins of the Sasaya Oils Shop.

The shop constructed in the kurazukuri style and the sodegura-style kurazashikiface the street and several warehouses are located behind the sodegura building. Next door is the approach to the Syoho Temple, which presents an excellent view of the storehouses. After the fire of 1919, the master carpenter Tetsugoro Suzuki built the current imposing structures in the kiritsuma and hirairi styles. The first floor contains the store and the second floor consists of a Japanese room. The oils storehouse is thought to have been constructed in the Taisho era (1912-1926) and is built with the kiritsuma and hirairistyle as well. The first floor of the building has two Japanese rooms while the second floor is used for storage.

Designated on March 12th, 2012

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