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Important Cultural Property of Shirakawa City (Architectural)

After Sadanobu Matsudaira had constructedNan Lake, he had the Kyorakutei Teahouse constructed (1801-1803) midway up the slope of Kagamiyama. This location was chosen for its superb view. This one-story teahouse built in a wood-shingle-style is 7.3meters in length and 3.66meters in width and has a hipped roof.There is a 114 centimeters wooden veranda on three sides of the structure, except for the north side. The north-east corner has an entrance witha tsumairipaneled sliding door.

Inside the teahouse, there are two 8 tatami-mat roomsdivided with only a bamboo stalk instead of ranma (transom window). Since no sliding door or door sill is installed, the two rooms look like a single 16 tatami-mat room. It is said that this style was adopted with an intention to have guests treat each other equally within the teahouse regardless of one’s social rank.

Designated as a Historically Scenic Landmark by Shirakawa City on November 11th, 2011.

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