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Honke Tomikawaya Dyers

Honke Tomikawaya Dyers 

Honke Tomikawaya Dyers, an indigo dyer, is said to have been founded by Uhachiro Sudo in the mid-Edo period. The map of Shirakawa City from 1803 lists his name, Uhachi.

Facing the street, the traditional townhouse-style store and the storehouse beside each other. In the back,there are two storehouses on both east and west sides with a courtyard in the middle. The storehouse facing the street was constructed in 1844and theeast storehouse was built in 1904. The construction dates of the store and the west storehouse remain unknown. However, it is assumed that they were constructed in the Meiji period sometime after the Great Shirakawa Fire, probably the middle of the Meiji era at the latest.

Designated on March 1st, 2018.

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