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    Established as Fujita Hontenin 1830, by Yagohe Fujita, the first of his line to bear the name Yagohe. Initially, the company focused on production of soy source and miso. The current president of the company, Yagohe Fujita, is the 6th-generation president. Originally, the head family also produced sake and some of the public records relating to the Lord of Shirakawa Fife, Sadanobu Matsudaira, note that Fujiya produced a famous brand of sake known as Shiro Nishiki (White Brocade).

Fujiya is located where the old Oshu Road and the Hara Kata Road merge. The shop and main house are two storied and were built in the Meiji era (1868-1912), while three warehouses in back were constructed from the Edo to the Meiji eras. The shop and the main house face the old Oshu Road and are built in the traditional town house styles of kiritsuma and hirairi. The frontmoststorehouse built in Meiji 41 (1908) is designed in the zashikigura style, has a 15tatami-mat room with an alcove measuring 2.727 meters and a set of staggered shelves. The interior is majestically sublime.

Designated as a Historically Scenic Landmark by Shirakawa City on July 21st, 2011.

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